Books by Kristen Staby Rembold


Music Lesson, Poems

poetry, 76 pages, Future Cycle Press, 2019

“It is a pleasure to encounter the wisdom of this fine book of poetry. We are reminded that life is to be shared—we are supposed to share our love and labor, our grief and joy. And we are supposed to belong to the world. That is how we are the best stewards of this earth. It is also how we become ourselves in order to know ourselves. Poetry is one way to pass such wisdom along, and these quiet, soul-filled poems do just that with a beauty that flutters to life.”—Maurice Manning, author of One Man’s Dark.

“There’s a regrettable tendency to abstain from poems like these that so forthrightly express the love and beauty in the world. This poet succeeds in walking the tightrope between romantic apprehension of nature and wisdom.”—Joan Colby, author of Ribcage.


Leaf and Tendril, Poems

poetry chapbook, 26 pages, Finishing Line Press, 2012

"There's a fine tension in Rembold's poems between delight in abundance and a sense of inevitable loss.  These poems convey the joy of sensory experience, with feasts for the eye, mouth, and ear on every page and in almost every line." --Joan Aleshire

"An extraordinary portrait of the thoughts, feelings, and perceptions of a sensitive, intelligent, ordinary woman who accepts but also questions her life." --Beverley Bie Brahic



novel, 192 pages, trade paper, Mid-List Press, 1994

This emotionally powerful first novel focuses on the often ambivalent relationships between three generations of women.

"Poignantly written." --Buffalo News

"Rembold has an intense, poetic gift.  But at the heart of this novel is [her] probing awareness of the complexity of the bond among a family's generations of women.  When Laura offers her moments of illumination about this tangle, she can be piercingly believable." --Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Rembold can write.  Felicity contains many finely wrought passages, particularly the flashbacks, which make up a good part of the book ... smooth and polished." --Belle Lettres

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Coming into This World

poetry chapbook, 36 pages, Hot Pepper Press, 1992

"There is much to admire, ponder, and retain in this smartly-produced chapbook of twenty poems.  Coming into This World demonstrates a mature poet at work with a fierce intelligence, controlled voice, and passionate conviction." --Small Press Review

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